What’s Wrong With Blue?

Dotti always wanted to be a professional singer but he was always told he wasn’t good enough. This was because he was a blue mushroom and all the other red mushrooms envied him, meaning that his dream would never be fulfilled.

On a gusty winters evening Dotti was heading over to see his best friend, Cherry. She was a red mushroom like the others but they had something between them that dotti had never felt before. Inside the house he felt a very abysmal vibe. Ignoring the feeling Dotti began to chat to Cherry and she seemed very worried about something, and whenever asked her something she was very evasive. Dotti was very suspicious but still continued talking. When it began to get darker Dotti started getting ready to leave, knowing that his Mama Blue would be soon waiting for his presence at the dinner table. He said his goodbyes and off he went.

Grass Soup his favourite, there was a big pot full of it right in front of him. Mama Blue always made the best meals. But Dotti had lost his appetite, still worrying about Cherry. One of his older sisters noticed that Dotti wasn’t eating and asked him,” what’s wrong Dotti, grass soup is your favorite, you’re usually gobbling it down like a reindeer with a carrot?”. “ I‘m just not feeling my best today, but I’m fine don’t you worry.” After their meal all the children ran off to play but Dotti was still feeling melancholy, so he decided to just go have a lay down on his bed. Laying down turned into having a sleep. His dream went a little like this……

I know it’s a very imaginative story but I really felt like writing one. I’ll post the rest as soon as I can.



As some of you might now this Friday is HALLOWEEEEEEEN!!!! I know some people are not allowed to go trick or treating or just can’t be bothered, well that is definitely not me.

Reason why Trick or Treating is a AMAZING!

  • You get to dress up as weird as you want
  • NO ONE can judge you
  • I know candy isn’t very good for you, but you’re getting a workout while walking to each house so it’s a win win situation.
  • You get to go crazy with your friends, roaming around the streets
  • Scaring people!!! Doesn’t everyone have that one friend that is so easily scared that you pee your pants from laughing so much. And then they do for getting the biggest fright of their lives. Well I do and she needs to be prepared and bring a diaper. Lets girl has a reputation of peeing herself.

And if you’re a loner at home, you can still scare the trick or treaters. YAY for scaring little innocent children! This year I’m going with a big group with some of my closest friends ever, so I’m so excited. Also afterwards I’m going to be staying at my friends house and we’re gonna go cray cray! Oh and go cry cry while watching horror movies.

What are you plans for Halloween?


This year I have had a huge obsessions about Chicken Soup books as you may know from my post I wrote about it.

Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul: 101 Stories of Changes, Choices and Growing Up for Kids ages 9-13    Chicken Soup for the Pretee...    Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul    Chicken Soup for the Girl's Soul: Real Stories by Real Girls About Real Stuff (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

I have read fifteen books, which may not seem like a lot but most of those books were four hundred pages, and those books take me a while.

I have just started reading Divergent and I am three quarters through. I know that I will definitely be reading the other books as well. Although the movie is so different compared  the book. So far to me the book is definitely better.

To me reading is a very important in someones life, it can help you a lot with other subjects. It also improves your vocabulary by a mile. Reading is also very enjoyable, and takes you through many different experiences that you would never witness in real life.

Chicken Soup Books.

As some of my fellow class students may know. I’m in love with the Chicken Soup Books. I have read quite a few. For instance my favourite one would probably have to be Chicken Soup For The Girls Soul. I have also read…                                                                             Chicken Soup for the Preteen Soul                                                                                       Chicken Soup for the preteen Soul 2                                                                                   Chicken Soup for the Teen Soul                                                                                             And like I said before Chicken Soup for the Girls Soul.

Which was actually one of the first Chicken Soup books that I read and it was amazing. I’m also currently reading Chicken Soup for the Pet Lovers Soul. It’s very sad and shows the love pets have for their owners, and owners have for their pets.

The layout to the Chicken Soup books are very different to your just regular chapter book. It contains 400 pages of short stories that teenagers or preteens have sent in. There are lots of different topics. Like Tough stuff, Life Happens and friendship. I really recommend these books to preteens or teenagers that are going though changes or rough stuff. Reading these books will help you through your tough times and realize your not alone. And that lots of other people are going through the same stuff as you.

These book would be more suitable for ages twelve and up. Because any younger and the wouldn’t understand and enjoy the books.

G.R.L update did you know that Simone Battle committed suicide. If you don’t know who she is, it’s the lady who first sings in the music video Ugly Heart. She also has dreadlocks. I don’t know how she did it, but there are lots of stories. Like she hung herself, or she stabbed herself. Not knowing which one it is so I can’t tell you sorry. Maybe you could do some of your own research at home.

My Amazing Questionnaire

  1. How old am I?
  2. Who’s my best friend?
  3. What’s my favourite color?
  4. What’s my favourite shop?
  5. When’s my birthday?
  6. How many siblings do I have?
  7. What sports do I play?
  8. What’s my favorite song?
  9. What’s my favourite take-away?
  10. What colors have I died my hair?

I hope you do well.


Ugly Hearts by G.R.L

This song is one of my favourite songs ever. This morning when I came to school we were waiting outside because the door was locked. I was with Brooke, Charlise, Jasmine, Clem. Jasmine was playing some of her music. So I decided to play mine. I choose Ugly Hurts by G.R.L. All of a sudden everybody started singing, ” OK YOU’RE PRETTY, YOUR FACE IS A WORK OF ART. YOUR SMILE COULD LIGHT UP NEW YORK CITY AFTER DARK”. I was so surprised that all the girls new the song. Anyways I just wanted to share this amazing song with you. I hope that G.R.L can produce a lot more songs. Because I adore them, and will be dancing with all my friends to them.

Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Where all the funs starts

The day finally arrived and the girls thought that they would fit right in. But Lauren had her hopes up thinking that they’ll totally be popular. She had her hopes up way too much. When they arrived the first thing that happened was Jasmine got slammed into a locker. Lauren ran over to Jasmine to help her. Jasmine thought it was a way of saying welcome so she just smiled. Lauren was worrying, and she wasn’t seeing much other people get shoved into lockers. Maybe that person was being rude or mean. She tried telling Jasmine. But Jasmine still stuck with her idea. She started shoving other kids into lockers. They didn’t look very happy. Maybe Lauren was right she thought.

Jasmines point of view: Someone had just shoved me into a locker ! It was a huge middle schooler that looked like he had been at this college for a very long time. When he was just about to leave me alone, he had said “watch your back”.I wasn’t actually that scared because I thought that was the way people greeted each other so as he walked off l Said “greetings to you as well.’’

First class was just about to start and that was what they call in earth Form Class .It took me ages to find a spot where I would feel comfortable ,and while I was looking for a good spot to sit, the seats where slowly filling up. When I had finally found my choice of seat, someone had already taken that seat . 1 looked around for a spare seat and found one near all the big kids at the back. | didn’t really want to sit there so I just stood there. Then suddenly the bell rings and I panic . The Class form teacher comes in and introduces herself, “hello children, for you who don’t know me, my name is Miss Wholeman and I am going to be your form teacher this year”. Miss whole man didn’t notice me standing up until just now. She didn’t know my name yet so she just smiled and pointed down to the chair next to the big and much older kids who I didn’t want to sit next to.

She ushered me to the seat and l finally sat down. Behind me the older kids were starting to pull my hair and stick their recently chewed up gum in it, I thought they were just being friendly, so I just ignored them and got started learning about what we do and not do in college.

The lesson finally finished. And I started wondering what class Lauren had next. Hopefully we would be in the same class. Walking around by herself made her feel lonely. She really needed her best friend.

While she was getting books from her ‘’Locker’’ she bumped into Lauren they immediately hugged.

‘’It was so hard without you’’. Lauren yelped. ‘’But luckily I did find some nice people to sit next to in form class. ‘’They had this super cute shiney stuff on their lips. And they let me use some’’. She said as she puckered her shiny lips.

‘’Wow it sounds like you’ve had a great day so far’’. Jasmine uttered.

‘’ Haven’t you.’’ Lauren replied.

‘’ No it’s been terrible, in form class I had no where to sit. So I had to sit next to the big kids. Can’t you see all the chewing gum in my hair. I’m a total loser’’. Jasmine cried.

’’ Well maybe at lunch you can sit with me and my new friends. I bet they’ll absolutely love you. Soon enough you’ll have even friends then I do’’. Lauren assured Jasmine that everything was going to be alright.

At lunch Lauren kept her word. Sure enough Jasmine was sitting next to the most popular girls in school. Although it was great. She felt so unwanted. I mean come on Lauren totally fitted in her. She was giggling with the girls and blushing in front of the boys. It started to look like she wasn’t an alien sister anymore. Maybe the only reason Lauren let me sit with her was because she didn’t want me to tell father, that I wanted to go home. Maybe she didn’t even want to go home home anymore ever. Jasmine had to tell father. He had warned about the humans having an effect on us. And making us want to stay here in this world forever. Lauren was getting pulled in. I had to stop it straight away,.

Will post chapter 3 soon.


College Aliens Chapter One

Chapter One

Lauren was an unusual kid, Jasmine was the same old thing but worse. Lauren wore mismatching socks,odd heels and over the top eyeliner that was absolutely messed up. Jasmine wore hideous lipstick, it covered her hole chin, it was an ugly orange. She would put orange on the top and purple on the bottom lip .

They were the bestest of friends and they could read each others minds because ( don’t tell anyone) but they are secretly ALIENS!

It was nearly there first day of college and they were so nervous what if someone found out that they were secretly aliens then they would have to kill anyone that found out. They did not want to do that.

“l feel like I’m not wearing enough makeup”

“No no”Jasmine said,”it’s absolutely fine” as she applied the new lipstick she ordered from over in Indonesia. It was black on the top, and white on the bottom lip.

As usual they didn’t know what to wear. So they searched through their wardrobes. Looking for someone decent to wear. Even though they had over a thousand outfits, it was really difficult for them. They started feeling doubtful that there was nothing that the what so called humans would think was such a stylish outfit.

Jasmine had no clue what to wear so then she goes up to this so called thing “Internet” and searches up ”what do girls these days wear?” and it came up with pictures of skinny jeans and muffin tops. So she went downstairs and talked to their father about skinny jeans and muffin tops. Their mum said “why not we just go down and buy some?’’.The girls agreed and then went down into the so called thing “the mall”.

They went into the hottest girl shop in the whole mall called “Betwixt” and started to shop. Three hours later they came out with twelve bags each, six fulled with tops and six fulled with skinny jeans.They knew they were going to fit right in.

Will post chapter two on Monday.







Forest Lakes Camp

In the holidays whenever I can. I go to this wonderful camp called Forest Lakes. I used to be a kind of person that loved going to El Rancho. But then one time when it wasn’t on I was looking to see if there was any other camps in the Kapiti Coast region. And I found Forest Lakes. I now perfer Forest Lakes way more. Even though I’ve only been to 3 camps .

This June I’m going to go to their Winter camp and I’ve decided that one of my friends would come too so that we could share the fun together. And spread the word that Forest Lakes is the best.

So if you would like to join me that would be much appreciated.  And I’ll bet ya you’ll have a brilliant time.  And especially because I’ll be there ;-). I’ll link the website bellow so you could go cheak it out sometime. Oh and by the way, its a Christian camp so if don’t like sitting around for an hour listening and learning about God, but in a fun games kind of way. Then I recommend that you don’t even bother to click on the link.

Forest Lakes Camp 

Hope you can come

Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares

To be honest I think that it is a very unique book. I have read no other, near the same. At first I thought that it was a very strange book. But when I read a couple of chapters. I discovered that I was really hooked in. I don’t recommend this book for immature reader. It’s quite an involved story. And it would take a discerning reader, that understands complicated books. Also its not a childrens book. It would be more suitable for an older reader. Probably eleven or twelve up. The storyline is that this girl, Lily has left a red notebook on the bookshelf in a bookstore. Hoping that the guy of her dreams with come and pick it up. this happens and the start writing out dares to each other. Then they would leave the book with the others friends. So then they’d pass the book to the next person. And it went on and on and on. Then they started writing dares for each other. One time Dash the guy who found the notebook. Wrote that she would need to go to a nightclub and meet his friend there, he would pass the book on. She felt nervous only being sixteen, but did it anyways. One time when passing the book along Lily forgot to give the book to a messenger and they was no way to give it to him. They had lost their way of contacting not knowing one thing about each other. Could this be the end you will have to read the book to find out.

This book was written by Rachel Cohn & David Levithan